DDO DPS online calculator

DDO online DPS calculator

The attack speed of wolf form and bear form has not been updated. So take these with a grain of salt.
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Choose weapon style

Choose which data set your calculation should be based on

Input some basic information

Alacrity: MrCow allows up to 45 and Vanshilar up to 60
Melee/Ranged Power:

Main hand info

Base damage: (Damage from weapon + enhancements + deadly + monk past lifes etc.)
Non crit damage: (Damage that occurs on every hit but is not critable. Flaming/good/bane etc.)
Crit damage: (Damage that occurs on every crit but does not scale with crit. Monk lighting the candle etc.)
Crit Multiplier 19-20:
Crit Multiplier rest:

Offhand/Shield info

Base damage offhand:
Offhand proc chance:
Offhand non crit damage:
Offhand crit damage:
Offhand Threatrange:
Off hand Crit Multiplier 19-20:
Off hand Crit Multiplier rest:
Off hand Doublestrike:


Attacks per second not including doublestrike and off hand attacks or strikethrough:
Single target damage per Attack: Including doublestrike/Shot.
Single target damage per second:
You can hit monsters on average
Multiple targets damage per attack:
Multiple targets DPS


Thrown weapons:
Monks Advanced Ninja Training and shuriken expertise have to be added manually as doublestrike. The amount is 2 times your dex score. It comes from the formula (dex/100)*(1-dex/100)*2+2*(dex/100*dex/100)=2*dex/100. And since the program automatically divides the doublestrike with 100 just add two times your dex score. If you only have one of Advanced Ninja Training and shuriken expertise just add you dex to doublestrike.
Repeating crossbows has a reduced chance of proccing doubleshots so divide you doubleshot with 3. An example would be if you have 20% doubleshot then what you put in to the doubleshot field is 20/3=6.67.
Sources of information:
Carpones data for Inquisitive Data has been fitted with a straight line. x-axis is alacrity and y-axis is attacks per minute.
Inquisitive polyfit
Vanshilar's Attack Speed Index and Formulae This thread has info regarding Vanshilar's and MrCow's dataset.
Repeater fire rates from TimoteoDeLani Holds information about heavy repeater fire rate tests. It should be noted that currently it is not possible to add alacrity to these as data is missing. Also rapid shot and rapid reload are included in the fire rate data for heavy repeaters.
Bear and Wolf form attacks speed heroic levels - results Information about bear and wolf form attack speed from Ultinoob <- That's yours truly.
It is not possible to change the BAB as I was not sure how this would influence the data so i just stuck with what i found it the forums.
If you have any suggestions to changes, ideas to this site or data about attack speed please send a PM to Ultinoob via the DDO forums or use this thread:
Todo list:
Include bear form. Include wolf form from MrCow. Write something about bows and whether or not Rapid shot is included. Write something about fortification or include it. Maybe an info field. Do the DPS calculation for different fortifications. Maybe 0 50 and 100. Write something about repeaters and doubleshot.